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About Me

Unlike some other tutors, I don't claim to be a "test wiz". Testing didn't come easily to me. But that means I have been in your shoes, and I know how it feels to struggle for the score you want. After working diligently to personally understand the LSAT, I have dissected the test and developed an effective strategy for improving my and anyone's scores!


As a result, I have personally scored in the 99th percentile, and I am prepared to get anyone to their goal score. Since those humble beginnings, I have been teaching the LSAT for over 4 years and worked with a huge variety of students. I've since perfected my custom strategy to provide students the specific attention they deserve.


Using this customized approach, I've helped all my students drastically improve their scores! I work with my students to develop a custom prep plan, and we will see it through to test day!

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How It Works

My Process

Tutoring Options

First, use one of the "Contact Me" buttons to schedule a  phone consultation with me, free of charge. Once we determine if we're a good fit, I usually recommend weekly tutoring sessions until test day.

I generally teach weekly, one-on-one, hour-long sessions. But I can be somewhat flexible with timing and schedule.

Rate: $140/ 1 Hour Session 

One on One Lessons:


I am based in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently only teach online via video and a virtual whiteboard.

Law School Application Review:

I do Law School Application Review on request. Contact me for options.

Rate: Contact for Options


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