The Law School Admissions Council introduced the “LSAT-Flex” earlier this week as their latest response to the impacts of COVID-19 on standardized testing and law school admissions concerns. After cancelling the March and April LSAT tests worldwide earlier this Spring, LSAC has come up with a solution for those test-takers.

LSAT-Flex allows test-takers to take the LSAT from home. LSAC has organized live, remote proctors to monitor partic

ipants of the exam via a live audio and video feed. Test-takers will be monitored live as well as recorded, after which recordings will be examined thoroughly by a computer and person to ensure no cheating or discrepancies of any kind occurred.

This LSAT-Flex will differ from the original LSAT as well; now it will be composed of three 35-minute sections instead of the traditional 4 scored and 1 unscored sections. That means 1 Logical Reasoning Section, 1 Logic Games Section, and 1 Reading Comprehension Section. That’s a major change!

The LSAT-Flex is scheduled for May 18th and 19th, 2020. They’ve created a flexible schedule so test-takers have a variety of options. Test-takers can begin signing up for the May LSAT-Flex starting Wednesday, April 22nd.

If you were registered for th

e April LSAT, you have been automatically registered for the May LSAT-Flex. If you do not wish to take the LSAT-Flex, you must complete a form with LSAC saying so. You can find information on how to drop out of the test date, as well as ongoing updates on the LSAT-Flex here:

Concerned about taking the LSAT from home? Concerned about the changes?

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Relax! In reality, this will be a much less stressful test-taking experience than normal. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home, instead of in a stressful testing center. For some, this is a great and welcome change!

  2. Study differently. While the basic study strategies will stay the same, the amount of time you spend studying on each section should change! Logical Reasoning has 25-26 questions, Logic Games has 23, and Reading Comprehension has 27-28. This means you should adjust your studying to prioritize the sections with the most questions! That said, Logic Games is probably the most learnable section, so keep that in mind too.

  3. Practice for Test Day. Make sure you are prepared for test day by having the appropriate equipment, testing place in your home, etc. Before the May administration, you should be practicing actual LSATs online at your “home testing center”. The cheapest way to do this is with the LSACs “preppplus”, which you can access here:

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