What I Do and Why

The LSAT is an exceptionally difficult test. I'm here to help!

Why I Started My Own Tutoring Business

I started off teaching test prep classes for one of those large test prep companies. While I learned a lot from them, I quickly realized that these companies' fundamental goals were not preparing their students - but marketing their products and making profits. Their copyrighted "strategies" were unique and copyrighted not because they were the best, but because they were "theirs". What I mean is, if a company has "their own private strategy" they can market their product better - even if their product isn't ACTUALLY better. After seeing student after student fail to improve because of these poor strategies, I realized that I was failing as a teacher. And it was not because I was a poor teacher; it was because I had been taught and forced to use poor tools. So I struck out on my own! Since then, I've been collecting the best set of tools from around the LSAT scene. Now, with each new client, I have a set of truly great study tools, test prep strategies, etc that I can custom fit to anyone!

Why You Should Consider a Private Tutor

You should consider a private tutor for a few different reasons! First, like I just mentioned, we have the flexibility to find the best tools for YOU to succeed. We aren't required to use ill-fitting strategies for every single one of our students. Second, it's actually cheaper AND your tutor is better paid. While the large companies generally charge $150-$300 per hour, most private tutors charge considerably less. What's more, your tutor is getting paid 3-4 times as much as they would be working for a large company! It's a total win-win.

Third, there's a lot of flexibility in scheduling, materials, and process. Most large companies require that you pay significant sums up-front and then have specific deadlines built into their curriculum. Private tutors, on the other hand, generally charge per session and have much more flexibility to work with your busy schedule!

Lastly, private tutors are generally more qualified (believe it or not). The training/vetting process for most big companies is actually pretty slim (trust me, I've been through it). Instead, private tutors have to rely on good reviews to get good business! And since you pay per session, they have to keep you engaged and coming back for more.

Why It's Worth It

This answer is simple: Law School is really really really expensive. Getting into the law school of your dreams with good funding is clearly worth a few hundred dollars in tutoring and application help.

Why I Do It

With complete honesty, I do it because: 1) I need a income.

2) I like helping aspiring lawyers get into better law schools with more funding.

3) I like helping aspiring lawyers sort through all the LSAT bullshit advice online (there's a lot of it).

4) I really enjoy teaching, and I enjoy meeting new interesting people!

That's pretty much it!

To get in touch or schedule a consultation call, please reach out to me via or through my contact form on my website Thanks!

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