Karen D.

Cade has been such a blessing to this headache of my LSAT studying journey! He’s always very understanding and never makes me feel like I’m incapable of tackling this monster of a test. He caters to what works best for my method of learning and my retention rate & doesn’t expect me to just adhere to what works best for him. He’s extremely reliable and very responsive. The sessions are very individualized, with enough structure to help you understand the LSAT trickery, and you can tell he just genuinely cares about your success. I’m such a perfectionist, so allowing someone to witness me NOT do well while I’m learning has always been challenging for me, but he tempers all of my anxiety during our sessions with his realistic and charismatic approach. I have been studying with Cade’s help for a little over a month & I’ve seen a steady increase in my score so far, with still a few more months to go. :)

I first came to Cade for LSAT prep in September. After taking the LSAT, I realized I was completely lost in the application process. I had no idea what I’d write for my personal statement or optional essays. Cade performed several brainstorming exercises that helped me develop a meaningful topic with a powerful message for my personal statement. Over several months and countless drafts, he helped me refine the technical aspects of my personal statement and further develop the meaning behind my essay. Aside from working diligently and patiently to help make my personal statement one of my best pieces of writing in my life, Cade took a wholistic view of my application to perfectly supplement my personal statement with optional essays and form a well-rounded application. Cade’s responsiveness and effective teaching style helped me earn a full scholarship from one of my top law choices. Anyone seeking guidance in their law school application process or looking to improve their writing should reach out to Cade. The results speak for themselves!

Mark S.

Christine C.

Cade is an awesome tutor for the LSAT! I've been working with him for about a month and a half and have seen a significant increase in my score. He has really helped me tackle the logic games section and has offered helpful advice with RC and Logical Analysis as well. He has also been very accommodating with my schedule. I have about a month until my test day and believe that my score will continue to increase with Cade's help!

Cade is awesome! He’s a great combination of flexible, responsive, patient, and challenging, which you don’t always get in a tutor! Cade met me where I was on day one, and he has helped me develop personalized strategies for test-taking! Definitely recommend!

Julia B.

Christopher S.

After an online LSAT course didn't get the job done, I went looking for a 1 on 1 tutor to help with the Logic Games. After hiring Cade, my games section went from being my weakest section to becoming my highest score. If you're looking for flexible scheduling, a personable tutor, and great value for your $, look no further than Cade.

Cade has been an invaluable asset in helping me prepare for the LSAT. He's always available if I have questions outside of our sessions, and I feel that he's genuinely invested in my success. He's always prompt and the homework that I get from him helps me stay focused and determined. I would recommend Cade's Test Prep to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score and strategy.

Ryan S.

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